'The LINE 300' is an extreme journey / race. You have 6 days to run a 300 mile route based on the Greenwich Meridian Trail totally unsupported. The route will start at Sand Le Mere in the north and end at Peacehaven on the south coast.

You will be expected to sleep rough and provide for yourself without any outside assistance. A true test of self management.'

Mark Cockbain RD

What We Provide

Hire GPS Tracker.png

GPS Tracking

6 days use of a Track Trail® tracker and map

GPX route file

A GPX file showing the intended route you should follow


A roadbook describing the route, includes map extracts

Finish line

A finish line and Cockbain handshake!


Finisher T-shirt

Finisher Medal


  • There will be a mass start on Sunday 18th June 2023 at 4pm. The distance must be completed within 6 days (144 hours, Sat 24th June 4pm.)

  • You must provide proof of passage through several towns on route. These will be listed in your roadbook. These will be required in the form of dated receipts, dated photographs and answers to questions. Your road book will be checked and validated at the end of the race. We will also carry out live 'spot checks' on competitors on route

  • You must carry everything you think you may need and provide for yourself. NO STICKS

  • You can use shops, cafes etc

  • You are not allowed a crew or outside assistance

  • You are expected to 'bivvy'/sleep rough

  • You cannot use hotels, BnB's etc or enter any vehicle

  • The entire route must be completed on foot using navigation based on the GPX provided along with your own maps

  • To complete the challenge you must be able to cover 50 miles per 24 hour period

  • You are responsible for your actions on route. We are not supporting you in any shape or form between the start and finish. If you are in serious trouble you must have an emergency contact that can come to your aid. If you need to retire you must make your own arrangements and your own arrangements to and from both start and finish locations

Entry requirements: 

You should have excellent ultra running experience and experience of self support.

Cost: £199 via PayPal (no refunds, deferrals or transfers)