• Starting early 7am Thursday morning 15th April 2021(CANCELLED) from Hull West Premier Inn, you will run across the Humber Bridge and join the Viking Way long distance path that winds its way for almost 150 miles via Lincoln to Oakham.

  • At Oakham the 110 mile Herewards Way path begins taking you overland through fens and forests to your final destination 260 miles later at Harling.

  • Over the years Vikings, Outlaws and Kings have roamed these paths.  You have 95 hours to complete the 'Warriors Way'

  • You will be supplied with water only approx every 25 miles, with access to drop bags every 50 miles.

  • There will be several indoor checkpoints at 100, 150, 200 for rest and shelter. All other checkpoints will be outdoor and exposed.

  • You will be expected to navigate with the use of maps and the waymarked route. GPS can be used as backup.

  • All runners will be tracked and any deviation from the marked route will lead to disqualification.

  • No walking sticks are permitted.

  • No pacers are permitted.

  • No external support or crews are permitted.

  • An extremely difficult ultra challenge for the 'hardened runner'

       Whats included?

  • Checkpoint support

  • Maps

  • Tracker

  • Indoor CP's

  • Water

  • Dropout bus

  • Drop bag transfer

  • Medal

  • T-shirt

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